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What's Included in a Free Consultation and Preliminary Examination?

Outline of Procedure for New Patients

1. Step One: All New Patients are requested to fill out a personal health history.

2. Step Two: Your first consultation with the doctor to discuss your health problems.

3. Step Three: Preliminary Screening tests to help determine whether you are a chiropractic case. If you are not accepted as a chiropractic patient, we will try to assist you in locating the type of physician or specialist which we believe that your condition requires.

4. Step Four: If the preliminary screening tests indicate that you are a chiropractic case; additional diagnostic examinations such as x-rays, laboratory tests, neurological/orthopedic tests, etc. may be required. If so, the necessity and costs of any such tests or examinations will be thoroughly explained BEFORE the examinations are performed.

5. Step Five: The doctor will review with you the diagnostic examinations, explain their significance, and make recommendations for treatment. Family members are invited to attend this explanation and have a similar consultation and preliminary examination at no-charge.

6. Step Six: Treatments will begin and continue as scheduled until your condition has been fully corrected, or until the maximum possible improvement has been obtained. If you do not respond to treatment, or are dissatisfied at any time with your progress, you may stop taking treatment without further financial obligation, except for services previously rendered. In addition, upon your request, your case records will be made available for review by the physician of your choice.

7. Step Seven: Financial Arrangements and Insurance Coverage. Medi-Care, Worker’s Compensation, Auto and most Health Insurance cover chiropractic care up to the policy limits and do vary. Many group policies only cover a % of the expense and may also have a deductible provision. If you wish our staff will be happy to assist you in determining your policy benefits at NO CHARGE. All charges are the responsibility of the patient. Time payments are available and we may accept some credit cards.

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