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Spinal Decompression-Automatic Priority Adjustment

What makes the "Extensilizer" unique is the "AUTOMATIC PRIORITY ADJUSTMENT" procedure that can be done on this very special table that results in a "straight headward release" that can be very useful for many types of SPINAL COMPRESSION SYNDROMES very common in spinal degenerative conditions, or after many types of injuries after auto accidents or work related incidents or cumulative work trauma over years of physical stress. The Inertial Extensilizer is a unique combination of therapeutic effects in one chiropractic treatment table. The "Extensilizer" can serve as a typical chiropractic adjusting table or bench for many common chiropractic adjusting techniques. 

                       ARTHROTONIC STABILIZER

                Passive Range of Motion Intersegmental Traction 
                                Therapy Exercise for the Spine



The Arthrotonic Stabilizer is a passive range of motion exercise machine for the spine. Comfortable rollers contact each side along the spine creating a gentle pressure that passively (patient relaxes and need not do anything) moves the spinal joints through a rhythmic range of motion designed to restore motion, elasticity and alignment of the spinal joints. The "stabilizer" as it is called also helps to re-hydrate compressed spinal discs by the repeated mobilization which helps to nutrify as fluid are moved into the disc tissue area as well and aid in overall spinal health. Often times chiropractic spinal adjustments are needed to "free up" stiff or fixated spinal joints from their misaligned or subluxated positions. After a chiropractic adjustment, the "stabilizer" works wonders in enhancing and "stabilizing" the newly created spinal joint flexibility, mobility, and alignment so as to help the effects of the adjustment seem to last longer, and help overall spinal problems get corrected faster. 




      Quad-Pole Interferential Electrical Stimulation
           w/ Russian Stimulation and Focal Targeting Pain/Inflammation 





The Dynatron 500 is a revolutionary electrotherapy treatment modality utilizing Interfential, Premodulated and Russian Stimulation therapies. Another amazing and unique quality of this particular equipment is the "Target" mode. In this mode, the precise area to be treated can be achieved by simply moving ones finger on the "target pad" on the equipment's face that corresponds to the focused location of the interferential effect inside the patient's body, i.e. precisely where it has the most desirous healing and/or pain relieving effect. This modality is great for pain relief, muscle spasm reduction, edema or swelling reduction, and radiating nerve pain reduction.







                    METTLER AUTOTHERM
                                      SHORTWAVE DIATHERMY





Shortwave Diathermy is a deep heating modality. When the part of the patient's body being treated is placed within the "field" created by this therapeutic modality a very deep, but gentle feeling, heating effect is created. Muscles relax, blood flow is significantly increased and many powerful healing effects are called into play. While not everyone is a candidate for this type of treatment, it can be immensely helpful in indicated patients and conditions.






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