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Richard Bennett
TOTALLY DISABLED-In 1944 during WW II, I after being injured while a fighter pilot, I was told I was totally permanently disabled.  Chiropractic has restored me to normal life.  I can do anything I want thanks to my chiropractic care at Dr. Steed's office.

Wendy Carames
AUTO-ACCIDENT-HEADACHES, NECK PAIN, RADIATION OF PAIN DOWN ARMS- Extremely bad headaches, pain in the neck (front and back), chest, blurred vision, pains that would go down my arm after a car accident, my car was totaled and I was in severe pain for weeks.  The Emergency Room (ER) doctor prescribed muscle relaxers and pain medication.  My family doctor said to take Tylenol and take it easy for a few weeks.  I went to see Dr. Steed. I felt instant significant relief from my symptoms when I was first treated by Dr. Steed for the first time since the accident.  The headache and pain in my upper back subsided, as well as the pain down my arm. 


Les Garden

I was diagnosed with a slipped disc in lumbar region, & degenerative discs in cervical area.” “My Spine had lost its’ normal curves in the lumbar and cervical regions, severe pain in hips, legs, and arms, limited movement in neck. After treatment with Dr. Steed there has been an “Amazing Difference! The curves have been restored to my spine. My last subluxation episode has been over a year ago. The pain is gone from my back, hips, arms, and neck. My body is much more flexible, agile, looser, and energetic.” I highly recommend chiropractic to anyone who is suffering and has not tried it.”

Professor Brian Hampson
"I was referred to a specialist, a neurosurgeon, who had MRI Scans and X-Rays performed. Turns out, I had a herniated disc between C-5 and C-6 and the disc was impinging upon the spinal cord and one of the nerves that goes to my left arm. Chiropractic has helped ‘adjust’ the upper spine into proper position in such a manner that the injury can more fully and more properly heal. Now I feel much better!"

Sonny Harlow

"I had been taking high doses of hydrocodone at times, as well as patches, ointments, vibrators, on and on. Even though I was not too positive about chiropractic at first, last week I had NO PAIN! Dr. Steed’s methods and technologies have helped me get out of pain and done me a lot of good! It seems to have helped improve my blood sugar levels"

Rachel Haycox
- I was in a car accident and my back from my neck all the way down really hurt me. I could hardly get through a day at work and even trying to relax was uncomfortable. I didn’t know how much help chiropractic could be.”

Tom Janise

Multiple Disc Injuries- In 1992, I fell 28 ft. from a tree injuring C-5,6 and L-5, S-1 and was told surgery was imminent.  I did not want surgery.  I saw tons of doctors and took pounds of medications.  I have gone to at least 10 chiropractors, and the only one who helped me was Dr. Steed.  Not all chiropractors are the same.  I am a psych-tech, and on March 18, 2007 I picked up a 240 lb. patient who was choking to do the Heimlich Maneuver. I re-injured my lower back.  Unfortunately, Dr. Steed had moved from the area.  I tried several other local chiropractors to no avail. I drove round trip 800 miles to see Dr. Steed here in Fair Oaks, CA, and it was well worth it.  His techniques helped me instantly!  He’s the best!     

Julie King

STRESS/OVER-EXERTION- I had Headaches, Stiff Neck, Painful Shoulders, Lower back Pain, Pain Down the Backs of My Legs, and Sleeping problems.  Now I feel Great!  I am even sleeping better and am much Happier since I’m not in pain.  My work schedule was a challenge in getting my adjustments, but it was worth the efforts—THANKS!

Danae La Salle
NECK & ARM PAIN- "I had severe neck pain and pain down the right side of my back all the way down when I tried to jog. When I sat in class, I had a terrible backache. My medical doctor gave me Naproxen and muscle relaxers which did not help. After treatment with Dr. Steed, I can jog again and sitting in class for long periods is no longer torture. I feel so much better, and I can do whatever I want without pain."

Laura Lacho
SEVERE HEADACHES- "I had CONSTANT SEVERE HEADACHES for over a year and saw every other kind of doctor there is and was even HOSPITALIZED without solution or relief. After chiropractic treatment with Dr. Steed I am feeling very much better!"

Lynne D. Steiner
WORKER'S COMP AUTO ACCIDENT- After many other types of treatment for my WORKER'S COMP injury years ago and TWO CAR ACCIDENTS I wasn’t any better. I saw Dr. Steed and got the relief I was looking for. Now I work for Dr. Steed and I’ve seen thousands of people helped.

Tony MacPherson
LIFETIME CHIROPRACTIC CARE-“If I am in pain Dr. Steed will see me even if I don’t have an appointment, or will come to the office if it isn’t open. Dr. Steed is a very nice person and takes the time to talk to me without rushing me in or out. I feel great when I leave the office.”

Jim Welsch
LARGE HERNIATED DISC - IMMINENT SURGERY-“In 1985, after an MRI, I was told I had a LARGE (19mm) HERNIATED DISC pressing directly on a nerve in my lower back and would need IMMEDIATE SURGERY.  Dr. Steed’s chiropractic care has kept me healthy and no surgery for over 20 years!”

Cherie Segovia
NECK - ARM - TMJ (JAW) PAIN!-“I couldn’t turn my head and had numbness in my arms and upper back. I also had jaw (TMJ) problems for 16 years.” “I feel great! No painful having my joints be “stuck” in the morning. I can turn my head when I am driving. I can drink fluids and yawn without my jaw getting painfully stuck.” “I never thought chiropractic would fix something my dentist has been trying to fix for 16 years without improvement.”

Janice Stork



“I have been treated by Doctors of Acupuncture and Chiropractic for the past 15 years because of a work injury I sustained while working for the California Legislature. However, when I went to Dr. Steed, I noticed, for the first time I was REALLY GETTING BETTER. He is a compassionate man and the most knowledgeable person I know in his field. I highly recommend him to anyone wanting to break up old unhealthy patterns and blockages and get their bodies functioning more normally again.” 


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